Sponsorship Program
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Sponsorship Program

The Riwoche monks fled Tibet and went into exile in hope of finding the opportunity to study and practice dharma in freedom.

Because of the severe restrictions put on the Riwoche monastic community in Tibet by the Chinese government, its monks began to leave Tibet. As there was no Riwoche Monastery for them to go to in Nepal or India, they scattered to various Buddhist monasteries in India to attend shedra, or monastic college. The Venerable Khenpo Sonam Rinpoche created a sponsorship program to support them in their studies, making it possible for them to keep their monastic aspirations.

Riwoche novice monks

HH Phakchok Rinpoche, the incarnation of the Riwoche Taklung Kargyu Tibetan Buddhist lineage, has prepared a monastic centre in Nepal for the Riwoche monks. Among them are many young novices who need your support. As mature monks graduate as khenpos, they become the teachers of these young monks that arrive from Tibet. The wisdom teachings of the Taklung Kargyu lineage will thus be preserved.

Monastic centre in Nepal for Riwoche monks.

The recently completed monastic centre
in Nepal for Riwoche monks.

Monastic centre in Nepal for Riwoche monks.

The sponsorship request for one year for a Riwoche novice monk is $350 (Canadian or U.S.funds). With the recent completion of HH Phakchok Rinpoche's monastic centre in Nepal, general donations for the maintenance of the centre are also welcome.

Novice Sponsorship Program

Your support would be greatly appreciated. Please email Riwoche Temple.