Welcome to this cyber-gathering of Vajra Mantra accumulation of Guru Rinpoche. Khen Rinpoche hopes that with your participation, we can achieve 10 million recitations by the end of 2021. We will be starting May 12th, marking the first day of the holy month of Saga Dawa.

In this moment of pandemic and strife plaguing the world, Khen Rinpoche emphasizes the importance to call upon Guru Rinpoche to liberate humanity, animals and all sentient beings. If one has time, Khen Rinpoche recommends that we complete recitation sessions by following this digital prayer booklet.

During practice sessions, Khen Rinpoche says to be mindful of generating compassion for all sentient beings and generating devotion to Guru Rinpoche to liberate all sentient beings. At the end of each practice session, it is essential not to forget or leave out the dedication of merit for the benefit of all sentient beings. The incredible benefits of the Vajra Mantra are explained in many tantra texts. Khen Rinpoche has no doubts that your recitations will bring tremendous positive transformation.

Please submit your mantra recitation accumulation counts here.