Under the guidance of Ven. Khenpo Sonam Tobgyal Rinpoche, there is always a continuous stream of meritorious activity.  Everyone connected with the Riwoche Tibetan Buddhist Temple of Toronto has been fortunate to create merit and a karmic connection with the Dharma.  Numerous pre-eminent Buddhist teachers have visited over the years and bestowed profound teachings, empowerments and blessings.

Ongoing meritorious activities include Tsok Offerings which take place on holy days, several times per month.  The activity of devotion to the Buddha’s Body, Speech and Mind is represented in the Stupa Project.  The Stupa Project involves the erection of nine Buddhist Stupas which are being consecrated according to the Sutra of Stainless LightThe Sutra of the Stainless Head Crown (Ushnisha) of the Buddha.

We have made available online faculties to direct those with faith and devotion in the Buddhadharma to join in financially supporting any of these wondrously meritorious activities.  As with any meritorious activity, pure motivation and participation of any amount will result in sharing of the merit with all mother sentient beings.

Contribute to the Stupa Project

Nine Buddhist Stupas are being errected within 1.5 hours drive of Toronto. The Stupas represent the Eight Miracles of the Buddha with an additional, larger Nirvana Stupa. Nine Stupas have now been erected although improvements are still needed around the site and an additional Stupa is already in the works.

Contribute to Monthly Tsok Offerings

Each month the Temple performs the Guru Rinpoche Tsok, Yeshe Tsogyal Tsok and Chod Tsok Offerings. Additionally, Tsok Offerings are made on the Anniversary dates of the Parinirvana of Great Lineage Masters connected to us.

Make a General Contribution to Maintaining the Temple Activities

Maintaining our holy, inspiring, tranquil and awesome place of worship depends on the generosity of numerous devoted individuals. Continuous support of our Temple provides an ongoing stream of merit to all those involved.

Contribute Time / Skills by Volunteering

Volunteering with pure intention, or Bodhichitta, is one of the most profound ways to generate merit. It provides an incredible opportunity to develop both patience and pureview while making valuable contributions to support the Temple.