Tuesday, February 21, 2023
beginning at 8:00 am

All are invited to join the Riwoche community for Losar, the celebration of the Tibetan New Year for 2150, the Year of the Water Rabbit.

As the first day of the new year, it is important to invite all good and auspicious things into our lives. It is customary for everyone to wear something new and visit the temple to make aspirations and receive blessings for a great year. After making one’s aspirations, you are invited downstairs to partake in some traditional Tibetan fare of desi (rice with raisins), Tibetan cookies and Tibetan Tea (butter tea).

Those unable to visit the temple and wishing to make a donation on Losar here

We are asking everyone to please be considerate of our neighbours by not making emergency stops/drop offs on the road, keeping traffic at a minimum on Heintzman Street. You can park either on Dundas or at one of the two public lots near by on Keele Street: North of Dundas at 400 Keele Street, South of Dundas at 351 Keele Street. Exceptions will only be made to those dropping off elderly or those in need of assistance.